Whole of market direct lending* investment services

We provide research, capital deployment, risk management and reporting services to institutional investors looking to invest in the European direct lending market. Discover the best opportunities in direct lending with Orca.

*Direct lending market includes peer to peer lending, marketplace lending and non-bank balance sheet lenders.
15Countries covered by Orca
315Direct lenders covered by Orca
8Investment positions facilitated by Orca
€33bnCumulative market origination volumes

We offer management, advisory, and research services to institutional investors


Which lending platforms are achieving their targeted returns and which aren't? Where are the best investment opportunities in the European direct lending market? Orca helps investors navigate through the complexity, helping to reduce risk and increase returns over the long term. We work to an agreed investment mandate to deliver consistent, predictable returns.

Cash DeploymentCash Deployment

Investment structures vary between lenders and investment capital needs to match origination. As a portfolio manager or sub-advisor, Orca takes care of the difficult task of building and managing diversified portfolios across lenders.

Risk ManagementRisk Management

The early stage of the peer to peer lending market makes it difficult to assess credit risk. Lenders typically operate in niche sub-sectors with separate risk profiles. Orca carries out risk management services to help ensure risks are identified, measured and mitigated. This ensures expected returns are realised.


Monitoring investments is challenging as the data delivered by the lenders is not standardised. Orca pulls all of this data together so performance data is consistent and comparable across lenders.

How we deliver our services

We research

We can offer research either as a continued service or as part of ad-hoc requests such as investment due diligence.

We act as a sub-advisor

Acting as the sub-advisor to your investment we can provide research and risk management services, as well as advise on asset allocation. Your firm will have ownership and discretion over allocation while we will advise.

We manage your portfolio

We can manage your investments under an agreed mandate. Your firm will have ownership of the investments while we will have discretion over allocation.

Discover the best opportunities in direct lending with Orca

History of Orca

Orca was founded in 2015 with the goal of driving the adoption and growth of an exciting new asset class: Direct Lending. Direct lending has the potential to disintermediate banks and large financial institutions, with the benefits going to both lenders and borrowers.

Since inception, Orca has been providing research services, risk management and reporting across the direct lending industry. In 2017, Orca launched the industry-leading Orca Investment Platform, an efficient and cutting-edge way to invest across the P2P market.

Based in Edinburgh and Belfast, our experienced team are here to help you navigate your way into the direct lending space.

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Orca opens up the direct lending market to institutional investors

10 January, 2020
Since the business incorporated in 2015 Orca Money has offered innovative and efficient investment aggregation services to retail and institutional investors. For the first time, we gave retail investors the opportunity to invest across the peer to peer lending (P2P) market.  We provided immediate access to a range of P2P investments, achieving 5% returns in the process – all within a tax-free Innovate Finance ISA. Last year, the Financial Conduct Authority announced changes to P2P regulation

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3 December, 2019
Overview of the french peer to peer lending market.

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21 November, 2019
An overview of the peer to peer lending market in Germany.

Have your say 💬

19 March, 2019
We'd love to get in touch with you and understand a little more about your experience when it comes to investment, which will help us inform our future products.

Introducing the Orca ISA

25 February, 2019
Orca launches a first of its kind Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA), allowing investors to spread their money across multiple peer to peer lenders.

Referral Terms & Conditions

8 February, 2019
The following details the terms and conditions of Orca’ Refer-a-Friend reward programme.

Orca Peer to Peer Lending Investor Guide

7 February, 2019
Orca offer an extensive guide to the UK P2P lending market (peer to peer lending). This guide includes an explanation of peer to peer lending and much more...

Octopus Choice

5 February, 2019
Octopus Choice (Octopus) is a peer to peer lending platform where investors can lend money to property borrowers, typically seeking buy-to-let (BTL) loans.


5 February, 2019
While ArchOver is not operating in profit, the company’s most recently filed accounts displayed growth in the key performance indicators, as set by the company’s directors.