Orca helps more people achieve the high returns available with P2P investing

We do that by reducing risk, increasing transparency and making it easy to get started.

Achieving our mission

We created the Orca Investment Platform in 2017, to offer an efficient and cutting-edge way to invest across the P2P market. That means reducing investor risk, administrative burden and improving transparency.

Today you can use our platform to invest across the UK peer to peer industry in minutes, while earning up to 4.9% returns. All in a tax-free Innovative Finance ISA.

Going forward our growing teams in Scotland and Northern Ireland are focused on delivering superb customer service and the easiest, quickest and best way to invest in the peer to peer industry.


Our story

It was 2013 when Iain Niblock decided it was time to take the emerging peer to peer lending market seriously. As a finance professional and experienced investor, he was initially attracted to the high returns of 5 or even 6 per cent. But ultimately, it was the potential for P2P to disintermediate banks and large financial institutions, passing savings onto both borrowers and lenders, that really made him sit up and pay attention.

A fresh and unique new asset class, this was clearly just the beginning of a new and exciting way for people to earn better returns on their money.

Joined by Jordan Stodart, Orca’s other founder, Iain spent the next three years building up a vast P2P knowledge base and industry contacts. Together, they quickly recognised that there were a few big issues holding back widespread adoption across the broader population. Investing in P2P at the time typically meant picking one platform, meaning all your funds were invested in one strategy. Added to that, due to the way platforms reported returns, it was often hard to see how your investment was truly performing. And, as an emerging asset class, it was difficult to know where to get started.

Iain and Jordan knew that to get more people achieving the high returns possible with P2P investing, they would need to change this. So, they started Orca.

Meet the team

Iain Niblock

Iain Niblock

CEO & Co-Founder, Edinburgh

Previously an Economist in London and Amsterdam, Iain is a financial expert with unique passion driving the Orca team forward. He continues to work closely with the Orca team to ensure we are delivering a superior service.

Alex Lee

Alex Lee

Chairman, Belfast

As Chairman of Orca, Alex provides leadership to the Board on setting the company’s direction and strategy. He is a wealth management expert, having worked in the industry for 30 years, most recently as a Partner and Head of the Financial Services Strategy Practice at EY in London.

Rory Fitzpatrick

Rory Fitzpatrick

CTO, Edinburgh

With 15 years experience in product development and management, Rory is Orca’s technology powerhouse leading the build of Orca’s key products of tomorrow.

Gavin Shields

Gavin Shields

Interim CMO, Belfast

Founder of consumer saving and investment platforms, PiggyPot and Yomo, and a former investor at $15bn private equity firm, Summit Partners, Gavin heads up marketing and growth at Orca.