10 January, 2020

Orca opens up the direct lending market to institutional investors

Since the business incorporated in 2015 Orca Money has offered innovative and efficient investment aggregation services to retail and institutional investors.

For the first time, we gave retail investors the opportunity to invest across the peer to peer lending (P2P) market.  We provided immediate access to a range of P2P investments, achieving 5% returns in the process – all within a tax-free Innovate Finance ISA.

Last year, the Financial Conduct Authority announced changes to P2P regulation which made our retail aggregation model unsustainable.  The result for Orca was a decision to wind down the retail investment side of our business.

For the past year, we have delivered a similar investment aggregation service to institutions and this is now becoming an ever-larger part of our business. With over 4 years of experience within the market we’ve built up deep analytical knowledge, and investment capabilities. This has allowed us to provide institutions with bespoke research, investment advisory, risk management and investing reporting services.

Our institutional offering is ideal for investors interested in the alternative lending market, but without the knowledge or bandwidth to access opportunities. As an independent provider, we can further support investors currently operating in the market with independent research.

The market continues to grow, offering attractive, risk adjusted returns to investors. As investments have a low correlation to traditional markets an allocation brings diversification benefits to investor portfolios.  Please feel free to contact me directly on ‘[email protected]’ if you would like to discuss how we may be able to help you.

Iain Niblock
CEO, Orca Money