8 February, 2019

Referral Terms & Conditions

The following details the terms and conditions of Orca’ Refer-a-Friend reward programme.

The Orca Refer-a-Friend reward programme allows an ‘Existing Customer’ to recommend a ‘New Customer’ to the Orca Investment Platform for a bonus reward (‘Reward’).

Every existing customer deemed as eligible to become a ‘Referrer’ by Orca is allocated a unique referral link generated by Orca, which can be found on each customer’s Orca Investment Dashboard (under the ‘Refer a Friend’ tab) and within Orca’s e-mail sales communications such as Monthly Performance Updates or can be requested by contacting [email protected].


  1. This offer is open to new and existing Orca customers only.

2. New customers are individuals who:

i. have not invested with Orca Money Limited (Orca) before; and ii. in Orca’s reasonable opinion, are capable of being accepted as a customer of Orca, in accordance with the requirements of Orca’s Standard Terms and Conditions, and all applicable law.

3. Existing customers are individuals who: i. have invested with Orca having met Orca’s Standard Terms and Conditions; and ii. have not withdrawn, or issued a withdrawal request, during the offer period.

4. This offer will: i. open for acceptance from 00:01 on Tuesday 1st May 2018; and ii. close at Orca’s sole discretion (the period between is the Offer Period).

IMPORTANT: New customers, referred by existing customers, may not claim any other new investor bonuses in conjunction with any reward for being referred. Customers who refer new customers to Orca may claim other offers or bonuses in conjunction with this promotion only if specified within the terms of the additional promotion in question. All Customers can only be referred once. A Referrer is not restricted by how many friends they may refer.

For the purpose of these terms and conditions, those who are referring friends to Orca will hereby be referred to as the ‘Referrer’. Those who have been referred by a Referrer to Orca will hereby be referred to as a ‘New Customer’.


  1. To accept Orca’s offer, and receive the Reward, New Customers must do each of the following things during the Offer Period: sign-up using the Referrer’s referral link* (referrer must have an active account at the time of referral) fund their new Orca Account and invest a minimum of £1,000 as their principal deposit and remove no part of this investment within 12 months.


The Reward will be paid on the 12-month anniversary of the New Customer’s principal deposit, providing the following conditions have been met:

  1. £1,000 or more has been deposited into New Customer’s Orca Account as their principal deposit.
  2. New Customer does not withdraw any part of their investment within 12 months beginning on the date when Orca receives their principal deposit.

Important: A ‘New Customer’ may only be referred by one ‘Referrer’.

If the New Customer and the Referrer are deemed in accordance with these terms and conditions by Orca, both parties will be presented with a Reward as follows:

  1. A £50 reward will be paid into the New Customer’s Orca Account on the 12-month anniversary of the New Customer’s principal deposit. The New Customer may then go on to receive further Rewards as a ‘Referrer’ by referring others to Orca.
  2. A £50 reward will be paid into the Referrer’s Orca Account on the 12-month anniversary of the New Customer’s principal deposit. The Referrer will receive £50 for every friend they refer, in the same format as previously stated.

Once the bonus has been paid into the New Customer’s Orca Account it will be invested in the next investment cycle.

For new customers, you have been personally invited to participate in this offer by one of your friends.

Orca reserves the right to substitute the Reward with an alternative item of an equivalent value at our sole discretion.

If you need more information about this ‘Refer-a-Friend’ Reward offer, or about the Orca Investment Platform more generally, please email [email protected], call 0131 510 7376 or chat with us on our Live Chat.