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Invest Across The P2P Lending Market

earn returns - reduce risk - save time

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Peer to peer lending is not covered by the FSCS.
Your capital and interest are at risk.

Invest with Orca. Invest in P2P.

Introducing an intelligent solution for peer to peer investing. Diversify risk, save time and earn attractive returns.

Orca Investment Platform Peer to peer lending

1 Indicative rate calculated as a weighted blend of the underlying P2P advertised rates

Attractive Returns

5%1 indicative returns on investments

Portfolio Construction

Portfolios built by industry

Unrivalled Diversification

Cross-platform and cross-borrower diversification

One-click Investment

Hassle-free investments with pre-built portfolios

1 Indicative rate calculated as a weighted blend of the underlying P2P advertised rates

Invest Across Multiple Platforms

You can invest across the below platforms all from one portfolio.

Invest with Orca Today

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A Portfolio Curated by Specialists

Orca has curated one portfolio which varies depending on how much you invest. The more you invest, the more we are able to diversify your portfolio.

P2P Investing Made Easy

The most efficient way to access the attractive returns of P2P without the hassle of selecting platforms or borrowers.

  1. Sign up to Orca and send funds which sets your portfolio choice

  2. We open accounts at the P2P platforms in your name as per your portfolio choice

  3. The P2P platforms match your funds with borrowers and your funds are lent

  4. Monitor your investment from your unique Orca dashboard

Discover More About P2P

Learn more about P2P lending with Orca’s free resources. Orca’s research and analytics are free to everyone. We believe in P2P and want people to better understand this asset class.

Who is Orca?

Orca is a team of P2P lending specialists.

Prior to launching an investment platform, Orca spent years as a leading independent research provider. After supporting investors’ due diligence of the market with professional analysis and insights, we decided to expand horizons and actively improve investors’ experiences of P2P investing by launching our own investment platform.

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