14 March, 2018

£100 Bonus Offer Available

£100 Bonus Offer Available

We’re running a limited time bonus for new Orca investors.

Receive £100 bonus on top of your portfolio returns 12 months after making your deposit.

To claim your bonus, simply sign-up or login and invest £1,000 or more.

This offer is running from today until 30th April*.

*Editorial revision: old Ts&Cs deadline was 27th March, extended deadline is 30th April.

Terms and Conditions

We will add £100 to your Orca Account if £1,000 or more is invested by the end of 30th March 2018. Your Orca Account must remain open for 12 months before you may redeem the bonus. If your Orca Account is closed before 12 months, then the bonus cannot be redeemed. Orca will deposit the bonus into your Orca Account on the 1-year anniversary of your deposit. The bonus will be invested into your portfolio. You have been personally invited to redeem this bonus as a prospective Orca customer.

Why Orca?

We have been operating in the UK peer to peer lending market for a number of years, having launched an in-depth research and analytics service to support due diligence of the asset class.

It is our belief that investing in P2P can be made simpler and more efficient, specifically if you are building a balanced P2P portfolio. This is what the Orca Investment Platform does; simplifies the build and execution of a portfolio of P2P investments, reduces risk by offering superior levels of diversification, and all delivered by a specialist P2P outfit.

Orca Investment Platform key features:

  • 5% indicative annual return (net of Orca’s 0.65% fee)
  • Automatic portfolio construction
  • Portfolios carefully curated by P2P specialists
  • Cross-platform, cross-lending sector, cross-borrower diversification
  • Exposure to consumer-lending, business-lending and property-lending markets
  • Personal dashboard to monitor portfolio performance
  • Ability to top-up or withdraw from your Orca dashboard
  • Due diligence tools freely available

Our solution removes the burden of conducting in-depth due diligence on a complex marketplace, removes the hassle of building and executing a balanced portfolio, and removes the pain of collecting performance data from multiple investment providers.


Q: How do I transfer money into my Orca Account?

A: Transferring money is a straightforward process and can be done via an internet Bank Transfer only at this time. You will be required to send money from your personal bank account to a new Account, issued by the payment service company Modulr Finance Ltd and held with the bank Santander. This Account is in your name, not Orca’s.

To make a transfer, login to your Orca dashboard, visit Top Up and follow the instructions. A minimum investment of £1,000 applies. Remember, it may take some time for the transfer to process.

Q: How can I get my funds back?

A: While our investment solution is intended for long-term investment horizons, you can request to withdraw your funds at any time. There are two options you have here:

  1. Withdraw as soon as possible: Some underlying portfolios charge fees when withdrawing from your account. If you select to withdraw as soon as possible, your funds will be withdrawn from the portfolio regardless of fees and deposited back into your account. The total fee including Orca’s 0.25% administration fee is likely to be around 0.7%-1%.
  2. Withdraw without incurring any fees: Some underlying portfolios charge fees when withdrawing from your account. If you select to withdraw without incurring any fees, your funds will be withdrawn from your portfolio for free, where possible, with other loans left to expire naturally. As your repayments are continually reinvested in existing and new loans on the platforms, of up to five years in term, this means the withdrawal process can take up to five years from the point of issuing a withdrawal request.

Q: What are my expected returns?

A: Your expected returns will differ between investment portfolios, but none of Orca’s portfolios target a specific rate of return. Instead, our investment portfolios are constructed to achieve diversification across a number of platforms in accordance with some high-level investment objectives. The rate of return will entirely be a function of the rates offered by the underlying P2P platforms at any given moment in time.

Q: Are the investments on the P2P platforms held in my own name, or in Orca’s?

A: Investments on the P2P platforms will always be held in your own name. No investments are held in Orca’s name. We are here to help you build, execute and report on your investments as easily and efficiently as possible.

Q: Are my funds held with Orca?

A: No. At no time will your funds be held with Orca. When you open an Orca Account and decide to Top Up, you will be instructed to transfer funds to a Modulr Account held in your name and segregated from other investors’ funds. Your funds will ultimately be held with the bank Santander. In the unlikely event of Orca becoming insolvent, your funds are protected.

Once your funds have been sent to the P2P platforms they will be held at the P2P platforms. Any cash held at a P2P platform is held in a segregated bank account.

Q: Can I take an income from my investments?

A: We currently don’t offer any functionality to take a regular income from your investments. However, if you need to withdraw money from your portfolio, you can partially or fully withdraw from your investments.

All capital and interest are reinvested.

Q: Is there an IFISA available?

A: Currently, we do not offer the Innovative Finance ISA. In time, we may look at launching a IFISA.

We’re always available to answer any questions you have. You can use our Live Chat system during business hours, contact [email protected] or ring 0131 510 7376. We’re here to help.