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We Believe in Peer to Peer Lending

Our Mission

To drive the mainstream adoption of peer to peer lending, by providing an efficient, intelligent investment solution and independent, fact-based market research.


At our core, we are huge believers in the peer to peer lending industry. Having witnessed the rise of the asset class over the past decade and gained an in-depth understanding of P2P, through investing our own money and working in the sector, we’re passionate about helping investors access P2P investing.


The Orca Investment Platform serves two purposes: Our “one click” investment solution offers pre-built P2P portfolios, providing investors with exposure across platforms, sectors and borrowers, all from one place. Our independent, fact-based market research and insights strive to instil confidence and support investors conducting due diligence on the market.


Orca is a team of P2P specialists. The founders have been involved in alternative investments for a number of years having founded an alternative lending platform before starting Orca. They saw first-hand just how important diversification is when investing, particularly in a credit asset typically inaccessible to retail investors. We are a passionate and approachable team. Feel free to ask us if you need any support.

To invest with Orca, investors are charged 0.65% funds invested annually, charged in arrears. To access our research and analytics service there is no charge. We believe in providing research and analysis freely to support investors due diligence of this innovative and fast-moving market.

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