Iain Niblock


Iain Niblock

The Growth & Development of Peer to Peer Lending: Mega Trends, Trends and More

31 May, 2017
12 years after the first loan was originated on the Zopa platform, peer to peer lending has grown to a £9.6bn lending market.

P2P Lending: What It Is, How It Has Grown and Its Attractiveness as an Asset Class

24 May, 2017
Orca explain what is Peer to peer lending.. It has moved from niche to investment mainstream, with impressive rise in lending and increasing appeal.

Peer-to-Peer-Lending: Bigger Than the EIS/VCT Market Combined

17 May, 2017
Current research finds that the Peer to Peer Lending market is bigger than the entire EIS/ VCT market combined.

Funding Circle Review: Operator Health

10 May, 2017
In addition to our review of the Funding Circle loan book performance we have also conducted a review of Funding Circle’s operator health.

Crowd Bonds and Debentures Eligible for IF ISA

3 May, 2017
Crowd Bonds and other debt-based securities were given permission to be included in IF ISA wrappers. More info on providers like Downing LLP here.

Will Major SIPP Providers Ever Adopt P2P?

21 April, 2017
Despite a couple of P2P lending platforms partnering with SIPP providers, most major SIPP providers haven't adopted P2P. Here's why.

Funding Circle Review

12 April, 2017
A quantitative and qualitative review of the Funding Circle investment offering, evaluating loan by loan cashflow analysis to determine key statistics.

Peer-to-Peer Lending: Bridging the Data Gap

7 April, 2017
P2P investments are allowed to be recommended by financial advisers, but the uptake is slow. We assess why, suggesting a lack of P2P lending research.

Saving Stream Experiences Second Default

1 March, 2017
Saving Stream sent an email to investors informing those who had invested capital in loan PBL020, a defaulted loan from 2016, that all capital had been returned, as well as accrued interest.

A Shenton Bond Interview with MD Andrew Thompson

22 September, 2016
Shenton Bond interview with MD Andrew Thompson to better understand the opportunity, which sees rates of 10% over 4 years being offered to UK investors.

UK Robo Advice: An Orca Analysis of the UK’s Robo Advisor Market

13 September, 2016
Rising to prominence in 2015, Robo-Advice has established itself within the UK wealth management sector. The Orca Research team have set out a comprehensive overview of the firm.

Crowdstacker New Investment: BurningNight Loan, 7% p.a

4 September, 2016
Peer-to-peer lender, Crowdstacker, has just approved a 7% p.a investment opportunity for club and bar owner, BurningNight Ltd. Orca have all the details here.