Iain Niblock


Iain Niblock

LendingCrowd Review

25 October, 2017
Scotland's only peer-to-peer lender, Lending Crowd, has lent over £20m since 2014. We review the P2P investment platform and its loan book in detail.

The Great Re-bundling of Financial Services

18 October, 2017
If fintech companies can meet all of the financial needs of consumers, we could witness the widespread disruption of traditional banks. Orca discuss.

Provision Funds: Delivering Value or Marketing Message?

4 October, 2017
Are provision funds a reliable security measure protecting investors in peer-to-peer lending or simply a marketing ploy? We explore.

RateSetter Review: How Safe is Ratesetter?

16 August, 2017
RateSetter is in a period of growth and investment... But, how safe is RateSetter? The Orca RateSetter review looks at the financial/operational health..

Flender €100 Bonus

10 August, 2017
P2P cashback incentives are a great way to boost your returns. Flender is offering 10% extra on top of your first year returns.

P2P Cashback Offers: Get 6% Bonus Returns with No Added Risk

9 August, 2017
P2P lending offers, such as cashback incentives, are a great way to boost your rate of return from the 4-6% ranged to 10-12% in your first year lending.

Peer-to-Peer Lending: An IFA's Dilemma

2 August, 2017
Peer-to-peer lending is considered unsuitable for their clients by most IFAs in the UK. We explore why, offering our thoughts on some unfair assumptions.

Zopa Review: Loan Book Analysis

2 August, 2017
The following article, Zopa Review, analyses Zopa (founded in 2005), the first peer-to-peer lending (P2P) platform to launch in the UK and globally. The platform allows investors to lend money to consumers seeking personal loans to purchase cars, consolidate debt or to fund home renovations. Zopa has facilitated more personal loans than any other provider and in July 2017 had lent a cumulative £2.44bn, marginally behind Funding Circle’s £2.47bn. Zopa currently boasts 60,000 lenders on its plat

P2P Investing: Guidance on Principal Considerations

19 July, 2017
With 12 years of market maturity there are now a range of different P2P investment options. Here are some tips and considerations when researching P2P lending.