Octopus Choice P2P Platform Launches

14 September, 2016
Keen to capitalise on the growing success of peer to peer lending UK, Octopus has launched a platform. Orca analyse the potential for this new p2p plaform.

Crowdstacker Investment Review

12 September, 2016
Peer to peer lending platform, Crowdstacker, facilitates P2P arrangements between P2P lenders / P2P investors and British businesses, where asset security is held over every loan and returns up to 7% per annum can be achieved, depending on the loan you wish to select and invest in.

RateSetter to Close 3-Year Product

2 August, 2016
RateSetter announced in August that it will be pulling its product, currently offering 3.8% per annum lending... Find out more.

Rebuilding Society Investment Review

31 July, 2016
A review of manual loan selection peer-to-peer lending platform, Rebuilding Society, who offer rates in the region 14 - 18% p.a to investors.

Saving Stream Investment Review

19 July, 2016
Review of UK-based peer-to-peer lending platform Saving Stream, where investors manually select property loans returning 12% p.a.

FCA Post-Implementation Review: P2P to Give Full Support

12 July, 2016
The FCA's paper has been published as the first step in the crowdfunding post-implementation review process. The paper can be downloaded here.

P2P Global Investments Plc Buyback Shares to Counter Brexit Effect

29 June, 2016
The global investment trust, which is the largest closed-ending portfolio offering exposure to the P2P lending space, has bought back shares to counter Brexit.

3 P2P lending factors to consider post-Brexit 2016

27 June, 2016
Evaluating key areas in peer-to-peer lending UK which will likely be affected by Brexit 2016.

Brexit: What Does This Mean For Financial Markets?

23 June, 2016
The impact of Brexit on UK and neighbouring financial markets over the long term is not certain. Learn about Brexit's affect on FTSE 100 and the UK's economy.

Brexit: How Will an Exit Affect Peer to Peer Lending?

15 June, 2016
The UK banking sector has been much maligned, ever since the credit crisis of 2008. How are alternative investments such as peer to peer lending affected?

RateSetter to Increase SME Lending

14 June, 2016
Peer-to-peer lending giant, RateSetter, sees £10million injection of capital on to its platform from the British Business Bank.

Zopa, RateSetter and Funding Circle Miss ISA Deadline

31 May, 2016
The FCA currently has a backlog of peer-to-peer providers awaiting full authorisation so the usual 12 month authorisation process may take longer.