Deloitte Report: Marketplace Lending a Temporary Phenomenon

26 May, 2016
The report concluded that P2P funds, and not necessarily online P2P platforms, could be the real material threat to the banking industry.

Best peer-to-peer lending platforms in the UK

24 May, 2016
Which peer-to-peer lending platforms are offering the best rates on the market and how do they compare against one another.

LendInvest Strikes £40m Macquarie Deal

27 April, 2016
P2P lending platform, LendInvest, has struck a deal with Australian investment bank Macquarie, securing a £40m line for property funding.

Innovative Finance ISA 2016: Where Are We Now?

25 April, 2016
It's been almost a month since the new tax-efficient wrapper launched. How does the P2P landscape look after a landmark month for the industry?

Octopus Investments to Offer P2P Platform: Is Wealth Management Sector Adopting P2P?

14 April, 2016
Octopus Investments recently announced that it will be launching a peer-to-peer lending platform as an additional arm to their £6bn UK company.

Innovative Finance ISA Will Be a Slow Burner

10 April, 2016
The Innovative Finance ISA which launched on April 6th is expected to take months, perhaps years before it takes full effect.

Orca Interview Liam Brooke, CEO of Saving Stream

27 March, 2016
Orca interview Saving Stream CEO, Liam Brooke. Savings Stream offer competitive interest rate (12% per annum), allowing investors to lend a minimum of £100.

Innovative Finance ISA Changes Benefit Savers 2016

21 March, 2016
Last week, the HMRC announced an exciting update on the hotly anticipated Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA). So, what exactly is the Innovative Finance ISA?

How Do Peer-to-Peer Platforms Charge Fees?

25 February, 2016
Exploring P2P lending platform charges.

Crowd2Fund Review

15 February, 2016
Orca Money reviews P2P lending and investment platform, Crowd2fund. Orca's Crowd2fund review is a professional assessment of the altfin organisation's loanbook.

P2P Lending: Best Investment of 2016?

11 February, 2016
Peer-to-peer lending, one of the best investment opportunities of 2016.

Compound Interest v Simple Interest in P2P Lending

4 February, 2016
Novice investors may calculate the net interest they will get on their investment per annum. Seasoned investors look for opportunities to earn compound interest, which is paid out upon ‘maturity’, and strategically invest to receive interest as income (on occasion). Regardless, whether novice or sophisticated you can achieve better rates on your money with peer-to-peer lending (P2P) and it is worth understanding how interest rates work and how they differ. Read about our top 5 reasons to invest