Moneyfarm Review

28 June, 2018
Our Moneyfarm review outlines the investment process and evaluates important factors to consider when investing in Moneyfarm.

P2P's "Big Three": The Race to Expand

27 June, 2018
With rumours circling about IPOs at the "Big Three" peer to peer lending platforms Funding Circle, RateSetter and Zopa, we review their plans to expand and the reasons behind their ambitions.

LendingCrowd Review: Platform Health

13 June, 2018
LendingCrowd, closed a funding round of £2 million in March and just beat its monthly lending record, facilitating £3m worth of business loans in May. We review the P2P platform's health in light of these achievements.

New Investor Bonuses Available (up to £200)

30 May, 2018
We are giving away bonuses to new investors with Orca! Claim up to £200 depending on your level of investment and redeem a bonus top-up into your Orca portfolio.

Boosting Your Pension Pot with Peer to Peer Lending

23 May, 2018
Retirees in the UK are turning to peer to peer lending to boost their pension savings. Pension reforms have liberalised access to and control over retirement funds, but retirees are still searching for returns and income opportunities.

Maximising Returns While Avoiding Volatility: Conflicting Aims? Not with P2P.

9 May, 2018
After the FTSE 100 dropped 700 points earlier this year as the market experienced a slight correction, investors have been turning to P2P lending to balance their portfolio with uncorrelated yield.

Comparing and Researching Innovative Finance ISAs

28 March, 2018
As the end of tax year approaches, we look at the Innovative Finance ISA providers on the market and offer our thoughts on how to research P2P lending platforms offering IFISAs.

£100 Bonus Offer Available

14 March, 2018
Receive £100 bonus on top of your portfolio returns 12 months after making your deposit. To claim your cashback bonus, simply sign-up or login and invest £1,000 or more. This offer is running until 27th March, so act fast!

RateSetter ISA: Tax Relief and Sector Diversification Wrapped in One

1 March, 2018
The last in the major Innovative Finance ISAs to launch, RateSetter's ISA is now open to everyone. As one of few platforms to diversify capital across all lending sectors, the RateSetter ISA could be an option as end of tax-year approaches.

Exploring Eligible Tax Incentives in P2P Lending

21 February, 2018
The Innovative Finance ISA (or P2P ISA) is one of the primary tax incentives for investors considering peer to peer lending. SIPP providers are forging relationships with major P2P lending platforms, and the Personal Savings Allowance makes up the major tax relief incentives in P2P lending UK.

The Orca Investment Platform is Open for Business

8 February, 2018
The Orca Investment Platform is now live. Our investment solution enables investors to build and execute diversified peer to peer investment portfolios, all from one place.

Funding Circle IPO: Reflective of P2P Lending Mass-market Appeal?

7 February, 2018
Funding Circle, the UK’s largest peer to peer lending platform (P2P), is preparing to go public in 2018.