How P2P Lending Can Complement a Blended Portfolio

24 January, 2018
As modern portfolio theory goes, investment portfolio diversification is key to maintaining returns while diversifying risk. Peer to peer lending enables investors to complement their portfolio with stable yield.

Zopa Lending Queue: When Will Zopa Re-open to New Investors?

17 January, 2018
The Zopa lending queue was introduced in early 2017 and has grown to over 25,000 people, all seeking to open an account with Zopa. We explore the likelihood of access, the reason behind the wait list, and potential effects of Zopa's product changes.

Peer to Peer Lending: 2017 Annual Review

20 December, 2017
After a landmark 2016 for P2P lending, we look back over 2017, comparing statistics and discuss growth, emerging structures, major milestones and more.

European P2P Lending Landscape

17 December, 2017
The global peer-to-peer lending (P2P) market has been growing year on year at an impressive rate since the asset class was created in 2005. Last year, $50.7bn was lent globally, according to Statista data. While the US has the major market share by lending volumes, Europe hosts a multitude of P2P platforms, with rich and diverse offerings, catering to varied investor-bases. Below we have created an infographic to illustrate the European landscape and its diverse mix of P2P offerings. 19 countr

UK Alternative Lending Ecosystem

14 December, 2017
The alternative lending industry within the UK continues to grow, with new players constantly coming to market. As an aggregator within peer-to-peer lending, we are in the unique position to provide an overview of this exciting industry. By creating an infographic, we showcase this busy and burgeoning ‘ecosystem’.  While this infographic is not intended to be exhaustive, it is intended to highlight the key players within each of the core segments of the alternative lending industry.  This indus

Innovative Finance ISA: The Future is Bright

6 December, 2017
The Innovative Finance ISA has evolved strongly in 2017, with the introductions of the Zopa ISA, Funding Circle ISA and several others. We examine progress.

P2P Lending: Rise of the Aggregators

29 November, 2017
Investors in peer to peer lending UK can invest directly, through trusts, or other structures. We explore the rise of aggregated investment structures.

Orca P2P Investment Product Coming Soon

15 November, 2017
Orca is developing a new, intelligent way of investing in UK P2P lending. Orca's diversified portfolios comprise major UK P2P platforms. Join now.

How to Mitigate Platform Risk in P2P Lending

1 November, 2017
The UK P2P market perceives platform conduct as the greatest risk to the sector. We explore and offer a potential solution for investors to mitigate risk.

Why Is Diversification so Important in P2P Lending?

27 September, 2017
Diversification at a platform, sector and borrower level is a sensible way to mitigate risk in p2p investing and p2p lending. We explain more here.

Zopa Review: Operator Health

13 September, 2017
Zopa UK is a leading platform in the P2P lending market. We look at the platform's structure, management, and financial health to help investor research.

5 Ways to Avoid Risk When Investing in P2P Lending Platforms

7 September, 2017
P2P investments comes with significant risks. But, you may avoid P2P lending risks by watching out for these 5 key factors...