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RateSetter Review: Platform Health

How Safe is RateSetter? When investing in peer-to-peer lending (P2P) there is a platform risk that investors should be aware of. Platform risk can be broken down into three categories: 1- P2P platform insolvency; 2- fraud within the P2P platform; 3- a cyber breach which could affect sensitive customer data. It’s wise to not only… Read more »

RateSetter Review: Loan Book Analysis

Editor note: This article was originally published 6th October 2016, we have completely refreshed it to provide you with an accurate and comprehensive update. RateSetter Review Founded in 2010, RateSetter is a peer-to-peer lending (“P2P”) platform that matches investors with individuals, business and property related borrowers. RateSetter’s market share stood at 21% in 2016, making it one… Read more »

Flender €100 Bonus

Average Cash ISA rates are currently 0.8%. UK inflation currently sits at 2.7%. As a result, people are losing simply by saving. Peer-to-peer lending is  a viable alternative. Here, we’ll tell you how you can reap the rewards of this stable, predictable asset class, and more, how you can generate even better returns by taking… Read more »