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ArchOver Review

The Orca research team recently completed analysis on ArchOver’s historic loan book, and, also, created a comprehensive ‘ArchOver Investment Report’ (download PDF) to use for due diligence. This article is a highly-condensed version of the report. The full report can be accessed by clicking the button below and signing up to Orca if you don’t… Read more »

Provision Funds: Delivering Value or Marketing Message?

P2P Provision Funds, are they just smoke?

“Provision Funds” were once viewed as a reassuring security measure mitigating risk for peer-to-peer investors, however in the past year the function of the provision fund has been questioned and Zopa has removed their version of a provision fund for new lending products. We’re keen to explore the benefits and drawbacks of provision funds to… Read more »

Why Is Diversification so Important in P2P Lending?

P2P Diversification in P2P Investing represented by mixed spices

In 1952, Harry Markowitz, the Nobel Prize winning economist, described diversification as the ‘only free lunch’ when investing. Within P2P lending, diversification, after all, is the only way that investors can reduce the risk characteristics of their portfolio without reducing the portfolio’s return expectations. It’s easy to think about why this is the case: Imagine… Read more »