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Moneyfarm Investment Review

Moneyfarm logo

Editor note: Despite focusing exclusively on P2P lending nowadays, we conducted a review of robo-adviser, Moneyfarm, on 14th September 2016. This is an updated version as of 17th August 2017.   Moneyfarm   ‘Simple, efficient and tailored to your profile. The Moneyfarm investment plan maximises your long-term returns whilst protecting your wealth.’   If you are reluctant to pay… Read more »

P2P Cashback: 6% Bonus Returns with No Added Risk

p2p cashback bonus offers for p2p investors

In a time of historically low interest rates, which has driven the average Cash ISA rate to below 1%, it is understandable to view this article’s title with skepticism. Your immediate reaction might be that gaining an additional 6% return on a peer-to-peer lending (P2P) investment which already generates stable returns in the region of… Read more »

P2P Lending Seminar for IFAs: Time to Learn (8th September)

Event details for Orca's peer to peer lending seminar

Are your clients asking you about peer-to-peer lending but you’re not quite comfortable enough to advise? Do you see it as an asset class that can provide fair, stable, predictable returns but you require more due diligence before making a recommendation? We’re here to help. Join us on Friday 8th September, at Lowes Financial in… Read more »

EU Investment for Growth and Jobs Programme

  Orca is in receipt of a Research And Development Grant from Invest Northern Ireland under the European Union’s Investment for Growth and Jobs Programme to support the Orca Analytics project. The project will be implemented over the next 18 months undertaking research and development activities aimed at improving the competitiveness of the business. The support… Read more »

Peer-to-Peer Lending: An IFA’s Dilemma

Confusion illustrates IFA dilemma with peer to peer lending

There is a strange paradox amongst IFAs when considering peer-to-peer lending (P2P). On the one hand, it is considered extremely risky and only suitable for a finite number of clients who have a very high suitability to risk. On the other hand, we’ve heard P2P being refereed to as a ‘cash plus’ product, a step… Read more »