How much do you know about P2P? Prizes available!

By Jordan Stodart | On July 4th, 2018

Are you a fan of P2P? Are you a fan of quizzes with great prizes? If yes, then Orca’s ‘P2P Lending Challenge’ is for you!

For the next month, we’re asking “how much do you really know about P2P lending?”, offering prizes to those who demonstrate superior knowledge.


What is the challenge?

A quiz. Simple, but fun. The quiz is designed to test your knowledge of peer to peer lending (P2P). Varing in difficulty, the questions span the market in terms of the asset class’s history, platforms, products, industry leaders, statistics, and so on. 


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Once you’ve taken the quiz, your score will feature on the theUK P2P Lending Knowledge Leaderboard(shown above), where you can see how you performed alongside your fellow UK P2P investors.

Now, here’s the challenge.  At the end of the quiz, participants who finish in the top 3 places on the Leaderboard will be rewarded with prizes such as a £100 John Lewis voucher and an Amazon Echo Dot. So, if you think you have the P2P knowledge to beat the Leaderboard, take the quiz.


Where does your P2P knowledge rank on the ‘UK P2P Lending Knowledge Leaderboard’?

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How it works

  • Take the quiz
  • Within the quiz, submit contact details so we can get in touch
  • We will let you know your score upon quiz completion (score sent via email)
  • Scores will be uploaded to the ‘Knowledge Leaderboard’. Note: this can take up to 2 working days to update.
  • Answers will be announced at the close of the quiz – August 1st
  • Winners will be announced at the close of the quiz – August 1st
  • Prizes will be delivered to top 3

The quiz will run from today until 11:59pm 31st July. 



  1. Do not take the quiz multiple times.
  2. Do not google the answers.

No one likes a cheater…


Terms and conditions apply


What can I win?

Orca p2p lending quiz priezs


Those placed in the top 3 at the end of the quiz will receive:

1st prize – £100 John Lewis voucher & Peer2Peer Finance News magazine subscription

2nd prize – Amazon Echo Dot & Peer2Peer Finance News magazine subscription

3rd prize – Luxury Regency Hamper & Peer2Peer Finance News magazine subscription

…mystery prizes included!


A special mention to our partner, Peer2Peer Finance News.

Winners of the quiz will receive a free subscription to the Peer2Peer Finance News magazine. Delivered to your door.

Peer2Peer Finance News provides daily market news on peer to peer lending, offering quality insight to support investors research of the market.


Why take the challenge?

Investing has been around for ages. P2P lending has not. Nevertheless, the process of deciding which investment is right for you is the same. Due diligence is key, particularly in an asset class which is in its relative infancy, and which has a potentially higher degree of complexity. Understanding the market is vital to mitigating unnecessary risk.

This is why we are putting your knowledge to the test, to understand if you know your stuff.


Not to mention, there are some great prizes to be won!!


Are you ready to be challenged? Let’s put your P2P knowledge to the test.

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