New Year, New Rewards: P2P Cashback Offers

By Jordan Stodart | On January 10th, 2019
p2p cashback offers

Still getting used to being back at work? Already given up the new year’s resolutions? Settling in to the new year is never easy. This is why some peer to peer lenders are helping smooth the transition with great cashback offers. Find out more about LendingCrowd and Assetz Capital cashback offers below.

You can invest directly with these platforms or you can invest with Orca and benefit from the offers while diversifying across multiple major lenders, with minimal effort required.


IMPORTANT: You must be a new investor at the platforms to qualify for their offers. If you choose to invest with Orca in order to redeem an offer, but are an existing Orca customer, you will not qualify for the Assetz Capital offer. If you are an Orca customer who does not hold LendingCrowd in your Orca portfolio, you may qualify (details below).


LendingCrowd Cashback Offer

LendingCrowd is offering new investors the chance to maximise returns with a cashback offer. 

You can visit LendingCrowd directly or invest with Orca and we’ll add the P2P business lender to your Orca portfolio.


If you choose to invest with LendingCrowd directly, here are the details of the offer:

LendingCrowd Cashback Offer


If you choose to invest with Orca, here’s what to do:


To claim £100 cashback, invest £15,000 – £29,000 with Orca.

To claim £200 cashback, invest £30,000 – £58,000 with Orca.

To claim £400 cashback, invest £59,000 or more with Orca.


Investing with Orca requires you to invest more than the qualifying amounts in the table above, as your funds will be allocated to 4 other P2P lenders in addition to LendingCrowd.


If you are an existing Orca customer and top up your Orca Account to £15,000 or more, you will qualify for a LendingCrowd cashback offer.


Register New Orca Account


Login to Orca and Top Up


Assetz Capital Cashback Offer – ends January 31st

Assetz Capital is starting off the new year with a similar cashback offer for new investors, but for a limited time only. This offer ends at midnight on 31st January.

Assetz Capital Cashback Offer


Again, you can invest with Orca (see below) or visit Assetz Capital directly.


Here’s where it gets interesting…

If you invest with Orca before the end of January, depositing an amount listed below, you will receive combined cashback offers.

P2P Cashback Offers


IMPORTANT REMINDER: The table above relates to new customers only.


Existing Orca customers will not qualify for the Assetz Capital offer. New Orca customers will qualify if the criteria are met.


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Please get in touch if you have any questions [email protected]. If you want to hear more about our exciting new product launches, including the Orca ISA, click Orca ISA & Self Select Portfolio details.

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