Crowdfunding Campaign Now Live: Invest from £10!

By Meghan Semple | On September 17th, 2018
Orca Seedrs Crowdfunding

Today, we are delighted to announce that Orca’s Seedrs crowdfunding campaign is now open to the public. Orca CEO and co-founder, Iain Niblock, stated, “We are excited to share our business with everyone and to offer our advocates the opportunity to share the benefits of our growth!”

All Orca customers, subscribers and supporters now have the opportunity to become shareholders in our business. Anyone based in the EU can become a shareholder in Orca from as little as £10.13 through the Seedrs crowdfunding platform.

We will be raising £500,000 and offering 22.23% in equity. Those who pre-registered to our campaign have had access to invest since Friday. With 69% of our target already raised (as of September 17th 2018), we expect to hit our target fast!


You can find out more about investing in Orca on our Seedrs campaign page:

view seedrs page



How Far We’ve Come

For two years, Orca has been providing market-leading research and analysis on the P2P market. We offer real-time data, analytics and commentary, helping investors navigate this often complex and fragmented market.


Orca research service


This year, we made some big changes. We launched the Orca Investment Platform, re-branded and expanded our team in size and geography. Today, not only do we still offer commentary and market data but we also offer an investment platform that automatically diversifies your funds across multiple P2P platforms, borrowers and sectors, all from one dashboard. We are addressing some core issues in the market, including the complexity of building a balanced P2P portfolio and the inefficiency of investing directly at multiple individual platforms.



What You Can Help Us Achieve

“The Orca Investment Platform is live, but further development is necessary to increase the value it offers our users, and to fund this development we’re using Seedrs”, says Niblock.

Already integrated with some of the largest P2P platforms in the market, our main objective is to expand and enhance the offering of the Orca Investment Platform to include a wider range of lenders and investment options.



Use of funds will go towards:

  • Integrating more lenders.
  • Growing our customer base.
  • Enhancing product features.
  • Further developing Orca’s research service.
  • Building the product for European expansion.
  • Expanding the Orca team.


What’s in it for you?

By investing in Orca, you will become a shareholder in our business. This means, as we grow, the value of your shares grow*. The coming year is expected to be a period of great growth for Orca. So, if you’d like to join us on our journey, there’s no better time!


Invest in Orca through Seedrs:

Invest in orca


*Orca cannot guarantee growth in the value of your shares, nor the growth of Orca as a business. Please read Seedrs’ full risk warnings before investing.


How do I invest in Orca?

To access our investment on Seedrs, you will need to sign up as a member of Seedrs. Then, you can visit our Seedrs page and invest from there.

Seedrs will hold your shares as a nominee on your behalf. For the investor, this means the nominee can track and monitor shareholder rights as a collective.



Be quick, our campaign is already 69% funded!

Thank you to our customers and subscribers for your shared passion for the future of the Orca Investment Platform. As well, thank you to all of those who have already invested in Orca, and to those who plan to.


We look forward to sharing our journey with you!


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