3 October, 2018

Crowdfunding Update: Orca’s Plans for Expansion

Crowdfunding Update: Orca’s Plans for Expansion

First thing first, Orca is still open for investment on the Seedrs equity crowdfunding platform. Yes, we did achieve our initial target raise just 2 days after campaign launch, but overfunding allows you and others to share a piece of our growing business – the campaign will close in a matter of weeks, so please get in touch if you’re still undecided.

Investment sought:    £500,000

Investment funded:    £543,930 (109% of target)

For equity:                  23.71%

(As of 3 October 2018)

The Big Plan

If you haven’t been following Orca recently, we launched a crowdfunding campaign mid-September. The funds raised will help us realise our ambitious goals over the coming years. Here are some strategic objectives we’ll address with the funds raised.

1. Grow our customer base

As with any business that is scaling up, customers are crucial. Some key channels we will focus on post-fund-raise to acquire customers include partnerships, digital marketing, PR, paid media and our brand. We are already in advanced discussions with a number of potential partners, including firms in the intermediary/financial advice market.

2. Integrate with more lenders

If you work for a lender (P2P or other) that’s interested in integrating with Orca, get in touch. We are developing a healthy pipeline of prospective P2P platform partners and anticipate integrating with a number of new platforms in the coming months.

By integrating new partners with the Orca product, we will increase choice for our customers and diversify their exposure even further.

3. Enhance product features

We want to continually add value for our customers. This is why we’re exploring iterations to the product which include giving investors control over the portfolio composition; more control, more of a personalised portfolio. This is just one enhancement, watch this space.

4. Further develop Orca’s research service

Orca is a research service by trade. We began as analysts of the market and still offer this service today. In time, we will serve up more research to help investors navigate the market.

We also believe in transparency and are happy to display the research we conduct on partner providers.

5. Build the product for European expansion

The UK P2P lending market is growing at an impressive rate in terms of capital lent but is still a fraction of the addressable market in terms of active retail investors. In the wider EU market, investors have displayed a clear desire to gain exposure to UK P2P. We are looking into this.


You can download our pitch deck on our Seedrs page and pose questions in the ‘Discussion’ section where a senior staff member will respond.

Please feel free to get in touch via [email protected] or our Live Chat as well. We’re keen to hear from you.