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Actionable Peer to Peer Lending Insight
and Analysis

Orca Peer to Peer Lending Dashboard Features

Explore some of the features that can help you select peer to peer investments:

Real-time Data

Orca sources and displays investment rates on a real-time basis. This allows you to view all peer to peer investment opportunities in one location.

In-depth Analysis

We have sourced data on individual loans from the peer to peer lending providers. Our team of data and investment specialists have conducted loan by loan cashflow analysis.

Standardised Metrics

We’ve translated the complexities of P2P investing into simple, easy-to-understand metrics. This allows for investments to be benchmarked and compared like for like.

Downloadable Reports

Insight and analysis have been summarised in individual provider reports and two-page factsheets. Reports can be downloaded and saved to file as a record of due diligence or printed for review.

Downloadable Reports

Qualititive Research

Layers of insight and qualitative research support all analysis displayed. This allows for information to be quickly understood and provides confidence in decision making.

Industry Analysis

We’ve rolled all the analysed data on individual peer to peer lending providers into industry views. This provides context to investors and statistics to commentators.


Benefits of the Orca Peer to Peer Lending Platform:
Orca Research Researching on the
websites of P2P Provider
Real-time Data
In-depth Analysis
Whole of Market
Standardised Metrics
Downloadable Reports
Compare Providers

Whole of Market Research

Rate Setter
Thin Cats
Funding Circle

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