2 August, 2017

Orca Company News: R&D Grant for Orca from Invest NI and the EU

Orca is in receipt of a Research And Development Grant from Invest Northern Ireland under the European Union’s (EU) Investment for Growth and Jobs Programme to support the Orca Analytics project. The project will be implemented over the next 18 months undertaking research and development activities aimed at improving the competitiveness of the business.

The support is geared towards Orca’s growth plans which involves R&D to design and prototype new products within its technology portfolio and to grow its customer base outside of Northern Ireland.  “We are delighted to receive support from Invest NI and the EU as we continue to deliver our vision of helping individuals gain from the stable, predictable returns that peer to peer lending can offer. ”.

CEO Iain Niblock commented.

Innovation has been central to our success to date and with the assistance from Invest Northern Ireland we are able to deliver further value to people wanting to earn fairer returns on their money.