Peer-to-Peer Lending For Financial Advisers

Orca Analytics provides Financial Advisers with the tools required to understand and recommend peer-to-peer investments. Diversifying client funds with a portfolio of peer-to-peer investments can produce uncorrelated, stable returns. Data analytics is at the core of Orca Analytics, allowing for risk-adjusted recommendations to be provided that meet the needs of each individual client.

How can Orca help you?


Orca Analytics provides an independent, whole market, analytical view of the peer-to-peer lending market. All the required investment research kept within one tool.

Asset Selection

The Orca team are peer-to-peer investment specialists. Orca has conducted loan by loan cashflow analysis to produce standardised metrics, allowing for investments to be understood and selected.


Feel confident in your recommendations with downloadable reports and a recorded selection process, designed to meet your compliance requirements.

Why Peer to Peer lending?


High Yield

UK P2P platforms offer net interest rates, averaging 6%. This far exceeds the currentperformance of any other fixed income products.

Uncorrelated Returns

Peer to peer investing is shielded from market volatility. Your returns will not follow the ups and downs of traditional markets. This is particularly useful in times of economic recessions.

Low Volatility

Lending money and investing in credit has been around for a long time. Returns are stable and predictable. The concept of investing through online P2P platforms was created in 2005.

Diversify your client’s portfolio with 3 easy steps

1. Research, analyse and compare peer-to-peer investments. Orca has translated millions of loans into actionable information that you can use to advise your client.

2. Assess risk and determine suitability by using easily consumable analytics displayed within Orca Analytics. P2P investments can be benchmarked, making asset selection easy.

3. Download investment reports, advise your client and invest funds directly into P2P platforms. Investing directly is simple and more cost-effective for your client.