10 August, 2017

Flender €100 Bonus

Average Cash ISA rates are currently 0.8%. UK inflation currently sits at 2.7%. As a result, people are losing simply by saving. Peer-to-peer lending is a viable alternative. Here, we’ll tell you how you can reap the rewards of this stable, predictable asset class, and more, how you can generate even better returns by taking advantage of the cashback incentives offered by such platforms as Flender.

As a caveat, P2P lending not a savings product – there are risks involved – and it’s not a traditional investment such as an equity and bond either.

Being close to the market, we’ve got some tricks enabling you to earn returns of upto 20.5% in your first year by lending through new and exciting P2P lender – the aptly named – Flender.

What’s on offer from P2P?

Frankly, returns are on offer. Stable, predictable returns which are easy to access online.  

Peer-to-peer lending involves lending money to a large number of creditworthy borrowers. By lending to a large number of borrowers your risk is reduced.

Investing in stocks and shares can be stressful due to the volatility of traditional markets. When lending to individuals you’re not exposed to the ups and downs of the market.

Who’s it for?

There are more than 185,000 pee-to-peer lenders in the UK. P2P lenders have collectively lent over £10 bn since 2005. Lenders, are normal, everyday people typically aged over 30.

They lend an average of £3,000, however, you can lend as little as £10.

Sound good? Here’s how to access P2P

Lending through P2P platforms is easy- once you’ve decided which platform to lend through.

There are now over 60 P2P platforms in the UK, making the decision-making process more difficult.

So what’s the 20.5% trick?

Flender is making a strong name for itself in the P2P market. Originating out of Ireland, and fully authorised in the UK by the FCA, they are funding innovative campaigns across the UK on their user friendly platform.

They offer rates up to 10.5% on listed SME loans, where you can select the loans (“campaigns”) you want to fund.

Here’s the good part…the bonus offer

If you invest €1,000 total into any number of campaigns on Flender during the month of August you will have your account credited with €100. The preferred way to do this is by transferring €1,000 to Flender who will then credit your account so you can invest in campaigns, before rewarding you with €100 once the investment(s) have been made.

You can invest from 1 to 4 years, depending on the loan, and earn up to 20.5% (max rate available currently is 10.5%). That’s a phenomenal return on your first year of the loan term!