7 April, 2017

How Orca Gets Paid

At Orca, we believe in providing investors and advisers with a service which is independent and unbiased. We feel it is important for our users to trust in our service and also gain confidence in peer-to-peer lending (P2P).

This is why we have made the Orca Platform free until September 2017 while it is in Beta preview mode. After this time, a subscription fee will be charged for registering an account.

What is Beta preview?

The Orca Platform is currently in Beta preview. This means that the product, and how it is perceived, will be reviewed and iterated upon in an effort to better meet the needs of our users: investors and financial advisers.

We have created a feedback loop with registered users to understand their perceptions of our product and service, so we can tailor it to their needs. We would appreciate any feedback or comments on our service during this period. Please contact, [email protected].

Only when we have developed a service that is considered valuable will we seek to monetise.

Does Orca get paid to analyse P2P providers?

Simply put, no.

Orca is independent of the peer-to-peer providers that are analysed. The data analysis we conduct is the same across the board, so that metrics can be benchmarked and compared.

Orca will not receive sponsorship from any P2P provider, including payment to analyse or advertise.

What are the terms of the free trial period?

Under the trial period ending September 2017, users will be granted free, unrestricted and unlimited access to the following pages:

  • Dashboard
  • Industry
  • Provider Reports (Analysed and Non-Analysed)
  • Downloadable Reports

Users will be further granted free access to:

  • Real-time data
  • Orca analysis
  • Orca insights

The trial period will conclude September 1st 2017, at which point registered users will be contacted and informed that a subscription charge will be applied to their account.

Registered users can take this opportunity to opt-out and cancel their account, meaning access to the tools and insights contained behind the login will be prohibited.

Subscription fee applies to:

  • All product and service features available during trial period

No additional charges will be incurred for:

  • Usage
  • Investment decisions made independently of the Orca Platform

Affiliate arrangement

On the public facing site, out-with the login area of the Orca Platform, Orca receives a small commission from P2P providers in return for investors who deposit funds onto their platforms. The commission is only paid if a user clicks directly from an affiliate link (description below) and then invests in the underlying provider. This allows us to maintain our operation and continue to offer a free service.

We also feel it is important to maintain the relationships we’ve forged with P2P providers over time, and having previously held affiliate arrangements with several of the providers, we have opted to continue this model but on a highly-restricted level.

  • Affiliate links are contained on the ‘IF ISA’ page, hyperlinked behind respective P2P provider’s ‘Open Account’ buttons.
  • Affiliate links may be contained in blog articles as well.

For the avoidance of doubt, Orca receives no affiliate revenue from user activity within the dashboard user login area of the Orca Platform.

All feedback is welcomed and should be directed to ‘[email protected]’.