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Industry News

Orca Makes a Splash: Launches Beta Platform to Streamline P2P Market Investment

The Orca Blog

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Industry Reports

PwC P2P Report

According to a Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland Report, P2P interest rates are typically lower than those of credit cards for most borrowers.

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Nesta Understanding Alternative Finance

This large scale study examines the growth, trends and dynamics within the UK alternative finance sector, including crowdfunding and P2P lending.

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Nesta Pushing Boundaries

In 2015 the UK online alternative finance sector grew 84%, facilitating £3.2 billion in investments, loans and donations.

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Altus P2P Lending Whitepaper

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Bond Mason Insight

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Deloitte UK Marketplace Lending

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The Economics Of P2P Lending

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The Business Models and Economics of Peer-to-Peer Lending

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Marketplace Lending, Information Eciency, and Liquidity

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Octopus Choice - An Introduction for Financial Advisers

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Intelligent Partnership - Peer to Peer Lending Report 2017

This report can be accessed by visiting the URL listed below.