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Intelligent P2P Investing.

  • 5% diversified returns*, net of Orca's 0.65% fee
  • Cross P2P platform, borrower and lending sector diversification
  • No asset selection or account opening hassle
*Actual returns may vary. Rate is reflective of platforms' advertised rates.
Capital at risk.

A Portfolio Curated by Specialists

The most efficient way to access the attractive returns of P2P without the hassle of selecting platforms or borrowers.

Portfolio Construction By %

P2P Lending Platforms Diversify Portfolio Open An Account & Choose Your Portfolio

Capital at risk. No FSCS Protection.

Invest with Orca

Investing across multiple P2P platforms

We have carefully selected platforms to be included within the portfolio. These are some of the largest, most established peer to peer lending platforms in the UK market.

Personal dashboard

You can monitor the performance of your portfolio from your personal Orca dashboard. We will retrieve data from the platforms and update your dashboard regularly.

Cross-sector exposure

Diversification is achieved across property lending, consumer lending and business lending sectors.

Invest to diversify

Invest from as little as £1,000, with £1,000 denominations thereafter. The more you invest, the more we diversify your investment.

Passive investment

The largest UK P2P platforms operate auto-bid portfolios which result in passive lending strategies for investors.

Indicative returns and fees

We pass on the returns offered by the largest P2P platforms. Although your allocation will change depending on the amount you invest, we have modelled the portfolios based on an indicative return of 5%*. Orca takes a 0.65% fee per annum in arrears.


Minimum investment £1,000
Rate 5%, all capital and interest is reinvested. Rate is reflective of platforms' advertised rates.
Fee 0.65% per annum in arrears
Platform diversification Up to 5 platforms, variable depending on your level of investment
Growth strategy All principal and interest payments are reinvested for long-term growth
Term Ongoing, to access your funds you will need to sell your holding or instruct us to stop reinvesting capital and interest payments. This process may take up to 5 years from request.
I've been waiting for a product like Orca's to arrive for a while, as I've been reluctant to build my own portfolio.
Mark Elliot, Retail Investor

How Does it Work?

  1. Orca pre-plans investor portfolios

    Orca curates a portfolio of P2P loans which are originated through underlying P2P platforms.

  2. Select your preferred investment

    During the registration process, you will be asked how much you would like to invest. This determines the asset allocation and level of diversification.

  3. Funds transfer

    You will be asked to transfer funds into a segregated bank account in your name.

  4. Building your portfolio

    We will open accounts at the underlying P2P platforms on your behalf.

  5. View your investment progress

    After funds are invested across the P2P platforms, you will be able to view a breakdown of your investment on your Orca dashboard.

  6. Maximum growth reinvestment

    Your capital and interest will be reinvested. This means you get maximum growth from your investment.

Accessing Your Funds

While our investment solution is intended for long-term investment horizons, you can request to withdraw your money at any time. There are two options you have here:

Withdraw ASAP

Some underlying portfolios charge fees when withdrawing from your account.

If you select to withdraw as soon as possible, your money will be withdrawn from the portfolio regardless of fees and deposited back into your account.

Withdraw without fees

If you select to withdraw without incurring any fees, your money will be withdrawn from your portfolio for free, where possible, with other loans left to expire naturally. Your repayments are continually reinvested in existing and new loans on the platforms, of up to five years in term. This means the withdrawal process can take up to five years from the point of issuing a withdrawal request.

It is important to remember that while P2P platforms allow for early withdrawal, where possible, withdrawing from your portfolio early is only possible if there are other investors who wish to buy those loans from you. Under normal circumstances, this is usually fine, but under adverse market conditions there may be a delay in getting your money back or you may have to hold your loans to term. The loans in your portfolio have terms up to five years and new loans with terms up to five years will be continually added as long as you choose to reinvest. This means the process of withdrawal can take up to five years from the point of requesting to withdraw, not from the initial principal investment.
Orca has provided me with valuable analysis, helping me navigate this fast moving investment landscape.
James Bell, Sophisticated Investor

Risk Management

Investment Risks

Borrower default risk

Peer to peer investing can be risky. If a large number of borrowers default on their loans due to negative economic conditions or poor credit sanctioning at a particular platform, your investment would be affected.

P2P platform risk

If fraud occurred at a P2P platform, or if a cyber-attack occurred at a P2P platform, or if the P2P platform became insolvent, your investment would be affected.

Orca Risk Management


Diversifying your investment across a large number of borrowers, lending sectors and P2P platforms is the best way to protect your investment. Investing through Orca is designed to make this as easy, effective and efficient as possible.

Investment structure

P2P platforms themselves pose a risk. Orca has designed this product to ensure that we, ourselves, do not compound this risk.  Our investment structure has been carefully considered, ensuring that all investments are made in your name and your uninvested funds are held within a segregated bank. If Orca were to become insolvent, you would be given access to your underlying P2P accounts and segregated bank account.


Orca monitors the P2P market, paying particular attention to the P2P platforms that are included in the Orca portfolio. Our research and analysis have been important to the curation of the Orca portfolio and ensure that we remain aware of market changes on a real-time basis.

Invest across multiple major UK P2P lending platforms



If you’ve got any questions about Orca or P2P then check out our Frequently Asked Questions section

Disclaimer: Peer to peer lending is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). Your capital is at risk if a borrower defaults on their loan commitment.