13 September, 2018

Orca CEO Interviewed on London Fintech Podcast

Orca CEO Interviewed on London Fintech Podcast

Our CEO, Iain Niblock, was interviewed by Mike Baliman of London Fintech Podcast. The podcast was released today, click the link below to hear the interesting discussion!

Listen to the Podcast

A few things discussed:

  • Scottish referendum and Brexit referendum compared in terms of how well done and impact; social divisiveness of contentious referenda; referendum fatigue
  • the problem that Orca solves is that for many retail investors there are just too many options, too much complexity in P2P for them to know where to start re building a proper portfolio (as opposed to putting a toe in the water with one of the largest platforms)
  • Over 50 P2Ps in the UK (from 150 four years ago)
  • the various evolved structures that are not strictly P2P but nevertheless conduit “P2P-type” loan risk to individuals
  • the challenge of doing proper due diligence; Orca’s years long experience with these challenges
  • regulation re FCA consultation paper – especially marketing restrictions to “take the P out of P2P”
  • over-regulation of P2P is driving platforms to different business models which are less regulated
  • best models of Aggregator – in the US NSR Invest ($250m) and in Latvia Mintos (>$1bn)
  • Orca looking at adding another 11 platforms with another 10 on the radar/horizon
  • Orca’s growth plans; raising funds via Seedrs - you can invest from £10.13 (launches to public on Monday 17th September)

Get in touch at [email protected] or Live Chat if you want more information about the Seedrs campaign - launching Monday 17th September - or sign up below to stay informed.