4 August, 2017

P2P Lending Seminar for IFAs: Time to Learn (8th September)

Are your clients asking you about peer-to-peer lending but you're not quite comfortable enough to advise? Do you see it as an asset class that can provide fair, stable, predictable returns but you require more due diligence before making a recommendation?

We're here to help. Join us on Friday 8th September, at Lowes Financial in Newcastle for a free educational seminar on P2P lending. Seminar details below and on Eventbrite.

Event details for Orca's peer to peer lending seminar

Orca's Mission

Our objective at Orca is to provide specialist, independent, whole market research on peer to peer lending (P2P), enabling investors and advisers to perform due diligence and, fundamentally, make better investment decisions. It is a fantastic asset class, providing investors with attractive risk-adjusted returns and people and businesses with an accessible, efficient method of borrowing capital. It is, however, an alternative investment that requires appropriate levels of due diligence.

The P2P market has been growing virtually quarter on quarter for years, with over £10 billion cumulatively lent since Zopa created the market in 2005, and approximately 200,000 retail investors active in the market. As a retail product that offers annual, uncorrelated, risk-adjusted returns in the region of 5%, it is an asset class that merits attention. Whether it's seen as a fixed income replacement or simply a diversification tool, this innovative asset class has reached a level of maturity where it is being on-boarded by a niche group of IFAs, but it's not quite reached mainstream levels of adoption yet. But why?

P2P isn't for everyone. It won't be a substantial portion of an investor's portfolio, and probably won't see mainstream adoption for a few years yet - we see P2P as a 10% allocation of retail investors' portfolios within five years time. However, there is an underlying negative prejudice against P2P from the mass-IFA group and we feel it's important to address this, supporting advisers who want more information about the asset class and dispelling any myths levelled at it from those unwilling to conduct a balanced evaluation.

This is why we are bringing P2P to you. Providing independent research from an aggregated source isn't enough for those IFAs that are on the periphery and not quite convinced. So, we'll help you, face-to-face.

Seminar Details


Friday 8th September 2017


1-4pm (12.30 arrival)


Lowes Financial Management Limited Fernwood House, Clayton Road, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 1TL


Educational overview presentation; Due diligence best practices; Q&A session; Refreshments & networking


Spaces available at venue


Please email Jordan Stodart on [email protected] or call 07557043944 if you'd like to reserve a space

We hope to see you there. If you can think of anyone else that would be interested, please refer them on.


Jordan Stodart