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Quiz Answers

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1. Select TWO property-focused P2P lending platforms
A: Landbay + Octopus Choice

2. Which of the below is the correct TV advert match?
A: Zopa

3. The majority of RateSetter’s current loan portfolio is made up of…
A: Individuals

4. In what year did ArchOver launch their IFISA?
A: 2018

5. Which TWO platforms were the first to offer the IFISA?
A: Crowdstacker + Crowd2Fund

6. Which platform has physical branches?
A: Folk2Folk

7. Select TWO statements that apply to all of the following platforms: Lendy, Relendex and Proplend
A: Property Loans + Self-Select Portfolios

8. Who reportedly said that “losses from P2P over the next 10 years will result in bankers looking like geniuses”, then later reneged on his comments in summer 2016?
A: Lord Adair Turner

9. Which platform received broad media attention for a wholesale loan which went bad in mid-2017 and had to be recovered with company funds?
A: RateSetter

10. In 2016, which U.S platform’s chief executive was ousted after a violation of business practices?
A: Lending Club

11. Which platform’s vision is “to revolutionise the outdated banking system and secure a better deal for everyone”?
A: Funding Circle

12. If you combine all the capital ever lent across the “Big Three” UK P2P platforms what percentage of the overall UK market would it equate to?
A: 61-70%

13. Which P2P consumer platform partnered with Revolut to source borrowers?
A: Lending Works

14. Select the THREE platforms that are members of the P2PFA
A: Funding Circle + Folk2Folk + Landbay

15. Which internet bank did the founders of Zopa previously co-found?
A: Egg (or Egg banking)

16. What did the FCA make mandatory for platforms to have?
A: A funded wind-down plan to ensure loans are repaid in the event of insolvency

17. Which of the statements is false?
A: Investors can subscribe to several IFISAs with current tax-year subscriptions

18. What’s the current limit for Innovative Finance ISAs?
A: £20,000



How much money is in this jar?

Tie Breaker Jar

A: £7.31


Please note: Points were subtracted for too many answers, or incorrect answers, within multi-select options to deter cheating. If you have any questions, please contact: [email protected] Thank you for taking part!