8 February, 2018

The Orca Investment Platform is Open for Business

The Orca Investment Platform is Open for Business

After many months of preparation, we are delighted to announce that the Orca Investment Platform is open to investors!

We’ve had a lot of interest in this new investment product and to those who joined our Wait List in advance of launch, we thank you for your support. Find out more about this first step in our ambitious plan to support the various different types of investors investing in P2P lending.

What it is

The Orca Investment Platform offers a portfolio comprised of major UK peer to peer lending platforms. The portfolio adjusts depending on the amount invested, thereby setting the allocation of the portfolio. At launch, the platforms included diversify investors' capital across multiple borrowers and multiple lending sectors, so maximum diversification can be achieved.

Orca analysts carefully research the platforms contained within the portfolio. You can monitor the performance of your investment from your unique Orca dashboard, with all individual platform data retrieved by Orca and updated on your dashboard regularly. What’s more, we collect all communications from platforms so your inbox isn't clogged and flag anything of significance straight away.

In time, we have plans to scope solutions which cater to different investment strategies. This is just the start. Sign up and we'll keep you informed.

Why invest

Investing with Orca could be the solution if you are concerned about diversification and the time involved in building and executing a P2P portfolio.

Building a well-diversified P2P portfolio can be difficult, but is very important. Investing across a single platform can leave you exposed to risks such as platform insolvency and fraud. Diversifying your P2P investments helps mitigate such risks. What’s more, there are dozens of platforms operating in the market, all offering different propositions. This makes due diligence time consuming and often complex. Orca alleviates this burden, using our proprietary research service to perform due diligence before including platforms in the portfolio.

Our solution offers the following:

  • 5% indicative return (net of 0.65% Orca fee)
  • £1,000 min investment, with denominations of £1,000 thereafter
  • Diversification across major UK platforms
  • Diversification across consumer, business and property markets
  • Exposure up to 50% market in terms of loan volumes
  • All platform communications and data retrieved by Orca
  • Personal investor dashboard to monitor portfolio
  • Orca Analytics research service (free) to view platform and market analysis

Who is Orca?

Orca is a leading provider of independent research on the UK P2P lending market. Since 2015, we have been analysing major UK P2P platforms, producing data-driven profiles, reports and guides on the asset class. We analyse major platforms’ loan books, distilling results down into key metrics which investors should evaluate before making an investment decision.

In this time, we have become familiar with some key issues. Critically, it’s difficult to examine the market and compare platforms. It’s also very time-consuming to build and execute a well-diversified portfolio.

Orca resolves this by conducting due diligence on the market, curating a well-diversified portfolio, and acting on behalf of investors in order to execute the portfolio.

Iain Niblock, CEO, says:

"We’ve taken a big step forward today by allowing our users to invest in the P2P market, through the Orca Investment Platform. They are now able to research, invest and build investment portfolios, all from the Orca platform.

Our ambitions are to create a fully functioning aggregation platform for the P2P market. We feel this will provide a superior experience to our users and encourage new investors to benefit from the attractive returns on offer. We’re big believers in the fundamentals of P2P and want a wider audience to be reached.

I hope the industry and our users like what the Orca team have created and the direction we are taking. A big thanks to the team for driving us to this point and for committing to the journey."